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This is where ART meets SCIENCE.

With the majority of people connected and engaging via mobile phones, tablets and desktop computers, we simply need to be easily found while delivering the very best digital experiences. We acknowledge that face to face, on the phone and digital storytelling are all very important touchpoints, however we need to be seen by the right people to have any impact. The ability to reach the right people via organic posting is being reduced all the time. For example, the majority of people who have liked your Facebook page will never see anything you post, unless it is not promoted correctly. KUWEE works closely with every client and identifies the ideal customer profile across global websites and social media channels. We approach the digital channels in a very bespoke way and deliver premium digital ads at the right time, to the right people. This is where “art meets science”. Engaged audiences, creative ad experiences and our artificial intelligence engine (promoting best performing ads) , ensures we match the perfect ad with the right audience...this is the heart of what we do and our ads are seen as helpful and not disruptive. All phone calls, form fills, clicks and taps are sent directly to the designated sales person to further engage. The digital world is so automated, however we see things very differently and handle the process with the extra care it deserves.

Experience the ultimate in digital advertising.

Marcus Freeman Founder & EO

Times have changed from the days of traditional media holding our attention. (Print, TV, Radio, etc...) Today, there are many touch-points, however digital has become number one. People are on their desktop, mobile or tablet every single day. We are finding that mobile is the device of choice and it is the first thing people do in the morning, and last thing they do at night! It makes sense to be seen where people are looking, however the experience has to be premium. That is where KUWEE publishing takes the digital experience to the next level. TIMES HAVE CHANGED


Connecting with your customers is crucial. If you are not visible, you can easily be forgotten. Make sure your customers, plus people who look like your customers, see your ads across the major digital channels. KUWEE approaches audience creation in a very scientific way. Unlike other forms of advertising, we have the opportunity to deliver the right message to the right person...where they are most comfortable. The right audience combined with the best experience delivers meaningful advertising and not just numbers. Creating the right audience sets the foundation for every single KUWEE campaign.


KUWEE reaches people across desktop, mobile, tablet and in-app activity. The KUWEE network is layered over the leading ad exchanges and publishers, providing access to the highest quality inventory across the globe. KUWEE accesses audiences from all over the world and we work very closely with your database to create look-alike behaviour to apply tomanymillions of people.

A few of the main digital channels are as follows;

...plus many more.


If a picture tells a thousand words, then video tells millions! Video is the best way to connect with buyers on an emotional level. The KUWEE ad program includes video that has already been created, or we can produce using existing photos. In addition to the standard video ad types, we also create vertical video ads that are designed purely for mobile phones...offering the ultimate experience. The KUWEE ads use the latest technologies to deliver the best experiences, and while video is the premium media, it is not much good if no-one sees it.

KUWEE makes sure the right people are connected.


Finding the right people and delivering the very best experience determines the success of a campaign. Every ad is handcrafted and designed to attract the right person and engage them to take action. Not only do we achieve interest from active buyers, but also from passive browsers who do not realise their next luxury purchase is only one tap away. Making sure the right people see your ad will ensure your advertising expenditure is handled with care.

KUWEE scruntinise every ad and every experience to achieve premium outcomes.

KUWEE reaches billions of people who are connected online via global ad exchanges that include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google, Linkedin, Premium Publications plus many more. A lot of work goes into setting up the ideal audience, designing many creative ads then monitoring. After the initial period of 2-3 weeks, our artificial intelligence engine ascertains the best performing ads and optimises accordingly. Going deeper with the best performing ads generates more quality leads and more business. ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE

KUWEE merges art and science to deliver best results.


Finding and engaging with past, present and future customers is crucial, however it is also important to understand what advertising is working and why? Most mediums do not offer feedback about your specific ad and offer vague feedback at best. TV does not report if a person actually watches a TV commercial, a newspaper does not report if someone has seen your ad, and radio does not report if a person has actually listened to your ad. To make it easy, KUWEE provides a report for every ad and details all aspects of the user engagement... especially how many direct leads you receive.


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