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Winnington-Ingram. The pristine waters of Loch Morar draw anglers in search of wild trout, Arctic char, and the occasional salmon. There’s an abundance of edible seaweed, samphire, mushrooms, and berries, too. Game season means grouse, venison, partridge, and duck from the Isle of Muck. Add eggs from the hotel’s own hens and ducks, salad leaves from the garden, and home- made sourdough, marmalade, sausages, butter, and heather honey, and Arisaig proves that Scotland has far more to offer than haggis. WHAT’S NEXT? “I love it when people leave having discovered something new,” says Winnington-Ingram. “I can tell guests where everything on their plate came from.” To that end, Arisaig House is hosting a series of foodie weekends and tours, starting with Annie B, a culinary guide based in Spain who has roots in Scotland. For foragers SWALLOW TAIL TOURS VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA, CANADA WHAT Fully customized private foraging and cooking experiences, expert wine tours, and pop-up supper clubs in a range of venues. WHO Robin Kort is a chef, sommelier, and founder/owner of Swallow Tail Tours. She grew up in Vancouver, went to art school, then worked in video games for a decade before turning her

Fresh and local: Enjoy just-caught lobster, fish from Loch Morar, the deepest freshwater body in the British Isles, and a host of homemade and foraged foods, in Arisaig House’s traditional dining room ( right ).

passion for food and wine into a business. Playfulness and creativity is in her DNA. WHERE “When my pop-up evenings started to take root, I was inspired to find some interesting venues that weren’t in my own home,” says Kort. “Vancouver is great for that. And it’s a city with instant accessibility to the wilderness—it’s really easy to get to untrodden places. WHY “Foraging has been part of humanity forever. It’s only recently that people have started making it ‘fancy’,” Kort, a qualified mycologist (mushroom expert), observes of the growing trend. “My dad taught me to identify trees when we went on hikes, and identifying edible mushrooms became a natural next step.” FIND THESE FLAVORS Seaweed: Kort loves to roast bull kelp on the fire to make a nutritious

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