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Truly experiential travel means immersing yourself in everything from art and architecture to local traditions and celebrations. But to really get to know a place, put it on a plate Words KITTY FINSTAD R emember how fresh the fish was? The aroma of the tomatoes at the market? The punchy umami of that ramen? And the sommelier who suggested the creating stronger memories. In a 2018 survey about travel memories by Swiss International Air Lines, 55.9 percent remember time spent with family and friends, followed by 53.2 percent recalling how the food tasted. And food tourism has also been identified as a megatrend in a 2016 report by travel trends forecaster Skift, with no sign of slowing down. To inspire your next food-focused journey, here EAT THE WORLD ultimate wine pairings for the tasting menu? There’s a reason why the way we experience and remember food enjoyed on vacation is heightened. According to Professor Lutz Jäncke, a renowned neuropsychologist at the University of Zürich, the reason we make and recall travel memories so keenly is because we associate them with positive emotions. Away from our daily routines and stresses, we’re more open, more aware, more able to absorb detail—all building blocks for are some of the most interesting and mouth- watering destinations and experiences to savor. Whether you’re a first-time forager, a serious foodie, or craving an indulgent luxury getaway, you’ll find something to sink your teeth into.

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