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(pictured left). This is some 70 yards (64 m) long and the trees have been cultivated to have a distinctive weeping habit. Planted by Charles and Henry Greene, they beautifully frame the views of the Santa Cruz Mountains. “It’s considered to be the finest arbor of its type in North America and is a beautiful shaded area in which we set tables for luncheons or evening events,” says current resident Marc Fleishhacker. This garden and the entire estate is irrigated using water from the property’s reservoir (below). Surrounded by oaks, this is also a haven for wildlife, with fish and ducks, and a great blue heron joins hawks that can regularly be spotted flying over the estate. Throughout the grounds, deer can be found, sometimes wandering on to the lawns to nibble the grass.


The 74 acres (30 ha) that make up Green Gables are a mix of formal gardens and natural woodland filled with native Californian shrubs such as oleander, wildflowers, and a wide variety of native old-growth trees including oaks, redwoods, Monterey pines, eucalyptus, and blue spruce. Through this wind two private roads and wooded trails that are perfect for riding—the highly regarded and exclusive Woodside Trail club has the use of a trail, which runs along the western perimeter of the estate. Closer to the main house is a striking avenue of trees, Camperdown Elm Allée

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