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Stunning panorama: Curved stairways lead to a vast Roman pool, framed at the far end by a series of graceful arches and views of the Santa Cruz Mountains, which extend from Woodside to Monterey Bay.


ore than a century ago, Mortimer Fleishhacker, weary of the chilly fog that often enveloped his hometown of San Francisco each summer, decided to find a place of warmth and light and there, create a country escape for himself and his family.

To seek out his halcyon location, the successful banker and founder of the Great Western Power Company (which helped electrify California), instructed his chauffeur to drive until they left the fog behind. About 30 miles (48 km) south of the city, under wonderfully clear skies, Fleishhacker chose his location —a valley within the San Francisco Peninsula, filled with fragrant Monterey pines, towering redwoods, and ancient oaks and beyond, superb views of the forested Santa Cruz mountains. Over the next few years, Fleishhacker acquired nine parcels of land and set about creating Green Gables, a magnificent estate of 74 contiguous acres (30 ha). “The location of the property and its size make it a unique offering; I am not aware of another one like it,” says Dan Conn, Chief Executive Officer of Christie’s International Real Estate. “It is a major landholding in the heart of an incredibly valuable residential property area, and those who know Silicon Valley know that Woodside, the enclave in which Green Gables is situated, is the most desirable.” While nearby estates built by prominent Bay Area families have been split up and sold off, Green Gables is still whole and has evolved over the years. Within its grounds today are

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