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Tableware TIN DREAMS

David Reiss describes pewter as having an “old soul.” Reiss discovered the rich, warmer-than- silver material while traveling through Italy. After seeing it used in family-owned workshops that had been producing pewter goods for generations, he decided to introduce his own line and launched Match with a collection of 40 designs—serving platters, flatware, barware, and more—all of them rooted in classic European forms from the 14th–19th centuries and handmade in Italy.

Ceramics Clever connection

Emma Lacey wants to connect with the buyers of her beautiful ceramics. With her Everyday mug she does this by inserting a finger into the soft clay just after it has come off the wheel. When its new owner holds the mug, their finger will fit in the dent, linking artisan and user. The just-launched Blue Scale special edition of the mug explores tonal gradients of cobalt blue oxide, one of the most used decorative materials in the history of ceramics. Starting at one percent inclusion of the oxide, which gives a deep blue, then reducing the amount added until she reaches the palest of tones, Lacy hopes to demonstrate how little of something is needed to make a noticeable change.

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