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Sierra de Mariola , Spain POSITIVE CHARGE

Arrive at MasQi just as the sun is setting behind the tops of the Spanish pines, and you’ll get to see the main residence bathed in a peachy, ethereal glow. Expect to leave with a similar glow after a weekend spent at this unique wellness retreat in Spain’s Sierra de Mariola mountains. Located between Alicante and Valencia, MasQi—from the Spanish word for more ( mas ) and the Chinese word for energy ( qi )—is run by founder Sonia Ferre Garcia, who turned her family’s 19th-century Spanish farmhouse into a stylish eight-room hotel. Within the bougainvillea- scented garden, a yoga dome sits beside a swimming pool with stunning mountain views, and a program of rebalancing offers yoga, meditation, energy healing, and life coaching, along with meals made with locally sourced ingredients and based on macrobiotic principles.

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