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How do you unify your projects? Our projects aim to show that green architecture and luxury can be seamlessly combined. The design approach always considers energy- saving solutions, local materials when possible, and water-saving solutions, as well as sustainable and recyclable materials. What inspires you? I am always inspired by my surroundings, wherever I am in the world. I love to have a sense of duality in my projects; between traditional and contemporary, luxury and environmentally friendly, and especially unity between indoor and outdoor living. Whose work do you admire? Isay Weinfeld of Brazil, Pitsou Kedem of Israel, Jean Nouvel of France, and of course, Zaha Hadid. 
 What is your own home like? I have actually recently completed building my own home in Loulé and I am thrilled with the result. The overall style is a blend of contemporary features with eclectic artwork and unusual pieces of furniture. Of course I’ve included Portuguese tiles in my bath which look beautiful against copper fixtures and fittings.

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