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Clockwise from above: Claremont House, a design collaboration between Haag and the open-minded owner; photography shoot styling for furniture brand Barnaby Lane; Haag selected furniture, art, and objets for Kooyong House; Hatherlie, styled by Haag and created by Andrew Simpson Architects.

questionable,” she admits, “but it did highlight an underlying interest in changing spaces.” This interest was put to one side while Haag worked as a flight attendant and pursued a business degree. She then cut her design teeth at acclaimed studio Hecker Guthrie before setting up under her own name five years ago. Today Haag is in demand for her elegant designs borne from “really getting to know my clients and finding the narrative between how they live and what they surround themselves with.” Each project she has undertaken has “a different signature” she says proudly, yet all have the stamp of Haag and her tight-knit team. A new studio “where we can spread out a little,” is on the cards for 2020, along with a trip to Milan Furniture Fair, a project in the United Kingdom, and a sourcing trip to Los Angeles, “I want to bring objects back and sell them from my own home.” No questionable aesthetics this time, for sure.

Designer spotlight Simone Haag

“The studio specializes in ‘furniture, art objects, and styling,’” says Melbourne’s Simone Haag. “The best way to describe it is if you were to turn someone’s house upside down, what would fall out is what we do.” Turn one of Haag’s interiors upside down and what falls out is a mix of carefully curated furniture, often with a mid-century feel, vintage one-offs, and deep muted colors mixed with interesting textures. Haag’s first design project was her own childhood bedroom. “The budget was tight and the aesthetic Tackling a revamp of her bedroom while a child was the first step in the Australia-based designer’s career

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