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Then we were having a party and I really wanted our house decorated in a certain way. Working in design I was aware of a constant desire for the new, fresh, and fashionable running parallel to us being on the brink of an environmental catastrophe. I spoke with a lot of designers about it, and decided to give it a go.” The site inventory includes a wide selection with pieces ranging from modern Memphis Milano glassworks to a 19th-century Padouk desk from A Modern Grand Tour, complete with provenance. Standout items include an Aqua Table designed by Zaha Hadid, as well as artworks by Stephen Farthing and Jonathan Yeo. “Harth is design led, with an enormous range, from tiny pieces of elegant glassware to gigantic statement artworks,” Thompson says. Members of Harth are equally diverse. The initial borrowers were professional clients such as wedding planners, house stylists prepping for shoots, and interior designers trying out a look. The aim now is to engage with consumers— those who are relocating or just want a change. “Environmentally and socially conscious, accessible, fun, and fashionable design is the holy grail,” says Thompson. “At a time when we as a society are consuming so much, owning everything simply doesn’t make sense anymore.”

Bespoke living Part-time lovers Need extra seating for your

upcoming celebration? Relocating temporarily for business? Don’t buy new furniture, rent it instead Words STEPHANIE JONES Imagine switching a sofa or sideboard on a monthly basis. Changing a mid-century lamp for a Victorian shade and stand. Swapping delicate Italian intricate glassware for clean-cut Scandi crystal. Borrowing rather than buying. Welcome to London-based Harth, the world’s first rental platform aimed at sating the most voracious of interior design appetites. “Harth is a way of furnishing a space in a temporary way without compromise. With Harth you can have the right stuff in the right place,” says design editor Henrietta Thompson, who set up the enterprise with her husband and business partner Ed Padmore in summer 2018. It’s a brilliantly simple concept where people can hire new, previously owned, and vintage pieces direct from exclusive brands, galleries, or private collections listed on the Harth website. How did the couple land on it? “It was a perfect storm,” says Thompson. “Personally, we’d moved a lot—home and office—we had lots of stuff, a lot of it in storage.

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