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Boats Flying high The Foiler is the world’s first “flying” yacht. Thanks to its four hydrofoils— wing-like side extensions—the craft sails five feet (1.5 m) above the waves as soon as it reaches a speed of 18 knots, with, its makers say, effortless take-off and landing. Available in four discrete layouts, the fully customizable yacht is controlled from its new forward cockpit, equipped with a revolutionary joystick that activates the hydrofoils, as well as the traditional driving console of wheel and throttle.

Stationer y Special delivery

Next time you’re planning a cocktail party or soirée, step away from your digital device and invite guests in the old-fashioned way instead. Mrs. John L. Strong has been handcrafting stationery since 1929 and still uses traditional techniques to create invitations, thank- you cards, and embossed monogrammed paper and envelopes. The company also produces place cards for dinner parties, along with menu cards and coasters.


For Thomas Lentini , the dining table is one of the most important pieces of furniture in any home. “The table is where memories are shared, where some of life’s biggest moments happen, and where big decisions are made,” notes the Australian, who works closely with clients to produce pieces that are perfectly suited to their needs. Visits to his Melbourne studio are welcomed but Lentini, who champions woods such as American white oak and American black walnut, also works internationally.

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