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Floristr y Pick of the bunch “Flowers always make people

better, happier… they are sunshine, food, and medicine for the soul,” said acclaimed botanist Luther Burbank. New company Ethereal Blooms has found a way of making cut flowers stay

fresh for up to six months at a time with no sun or water required, meaning they’re not only beautiful but kind to the planet, too. Ethereal Blooms’ flowers undergo a unique biotech conservation process that lets them keep their just-cut look and scent without the need for any maintenance. The company’s site helpfully groups bouquets by type—choose blooms for your dinner, side, or coffee tables, or explore festive and wedding options.

Interiors GOLD RUSH

VitrA produced its first ceramic sinks and shower trays in 1972. Trends in how we use our smallest rooms have come and gone, but the Turkish company has always managed to stay ahead of the curve. For the new decade VitrA has unveiled its updated metallic collections, among them Plural, by Terri Pecora, which features copper elements, and Water Jewels, of which this sink in gold is a part, designed by Milan architecture studio Matteo Thun & Partners. Accessories are equally appealing, particularly the brushed nickel hooks and a super-shiny silver Istanbul toilet-brush holder.

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