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Laura Sawyer London, U.K. Packs a suitcase of global culinary delights (p68) Stylist and creative director Sawyer has created sets and overseen shoots for House Beautiful and The Guardian as well as brands such as Sony and Jimmy Choo. “A really cold glass of wine, an Albarino or Douro, but it has to be in a thin glass with a long delicate stem.” What’s the secret to the perfect dinner party? “The lighting! Make sure that it is low level from multiple sources. Never have the overhead light on. Table lamps, floor lamps, and of course the most important element— flickering candles—really help to set a social mood.” What’s your favorite end-of-shoot drink?

Jeffery Salter Miami, U.S.A. Shoots a star-in-the-making artist at work (p24) Salter, who has shot for the likes of The Sunday Times Magazine, Billboard magazine, and Modern Luxury describes photography as “a language we use to see into each other’s lives.” Who’s your favorite artist? “I love Kehinde Wiley, whose naturalist portraits with urban, black, and brown men cast as noblemen and aristocrats are fun and spirited. It was refreshing to visit Theodore Bradley’s Miami Beach studio—his work is full of energy, a reflection of his colorful life.” What does your perfect Sunday entail? “Riding my vintage BMW motorbike to my favorite coffee house.”

Kathryn Saville Reilly Kent, U.K. Reports on kitchen design for 2020 and beyond (p56) Interiors journalist Saville Reilly has contributed to the likes of The World of Interiors and The Sunday Times . She is also an editorial consultant and has written three books. One on interiors and two on dogs—her major passion. What is your own kitchen like? “It’s our dining room, too, so it’s a friendly, sociable space. It’s what you might call ‘vintage eclectic.’” What kind of a host are you? “I’d like to think informal. Atmosphere is key, so I pay attention to music, lighting, and home fragrance. If I can squeeze in a party game, I’m especially happy. My go-to dish is a stress-free boeuf bourguignon , which I have happily perfected.”

Lisa Jacobs London, U.K. Sources the coolest cocktail shaker (p248) Picture editor for Christie’s International Real Estate magazine, Jacobs coordinates the shoots and sources the images that make our pages look so inviting, having “stumbled across a picture desk internship at The Daily Telegraph 15 years ago.” What’s the best part of your job? “Working with photographers to tell a unique story. You can write a really detailed brief but you never know what you’re going to get until you see the final edits.” For this issue’s Design Icon you found a great vintage image of a cocktail shaker. What’s your favorite tipple? “Margarita, for sure. Straight up, lots of salt.”


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