LjHabitat Edition 24

While being authentic in form, the pieces are contemporary in function and have been adapted to suit modern lifestyles and decors. The Sedir sofa and Sir chest are great examples of modern representations, the latter deriving its design from the trousseau chest. This chest was a signature piece during the Ottoman era, belonging to a sultan’s daughter and traditionally carried through the town to the house of her intended husband. Other pieces inspired by Turkish history include the Kazan armchair and couch, which take their shape from old Turkish cauldrons; the Sini side table, inspired by Anatolian eating traditions; and the Sipahi table, named after the Ottoman cavalry corps,

its sinuous design taken from the shapes and lines of the cavalry horses. Perfecting the blend of old and new, Zeynep Fadillioglu Design continues to push the boundaries both literally and creatively. Founded by Zeynep herself in 1995, the company’s portfolio now includes more than 350 international projects including private residences, restaurants, clubs, offices, set design and event design. Producing designs with a difference, Zeynep feels this new furniture range represents the company’s forward-thinking outlook as she states, “With this collection, we are unleashing a whole new aesthetical energy”.

Sir Chest 6, copyright Belgin Coleri


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