LjHabitat Edition 24

The couple that own this terrace are fans of colour and contrast and this really shows in the design. Greg explains that they also have a home in New Zealand that they love and that is “high drama, high contrast and more ‘poppy’ ”. While their Paddington abode was beautifully designed and in good condition, the young family were after a space that was more like their place in New Zealand and more “them”. Prior to its Greg- Natale-makeover, this terrace was predominantly beige, and understandably for colour- loving people, this wasn’t working. “Previously, it was all creams and beiges and it felt quite dark,” explains Greg. “We really wanted to brighten and lighten it to make it feel bigger.”

One of the key inspirations of the project was a personal painting belonging to the homeowners. This vibrant train artwork hangs in the living room and features bursts of red and yellow on a dark-hued background. “It was really important that the train painting tied in with everything,” says Greg. Against a black-and-white monochrome living room setting, with bold geometric

printed rugs and modern angled furniture, the warm tones of the painting have been picked up and used to introduce colour to the room Vibrant cushions in rich velv add texture and dimension, balancing with the tones in artwork to create a comforta yet sophisticated and brigh atmosphere. The way this piece of art has been used a inspiration for the home is flawless.


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