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The Gucci Garden, opened earlier this year in Florence, is a garden in name only. It is the title of a project by the Italian fashion house that occupies the Palazzo della Mercanzia, which has originates from the 14th century and is on the city’s famous Piazza della Signoria, close to the = ٻ bi /allera. Partmuseum,partstore,partrestaurant,theGucciGarden is a three-storey space designed to give the visitor a fully

for his three-Michelin-starred Osteria Francescana in Modena. Upstairs is the Gucci Garden Galleria, two Æoors of e`hiJition sXaKe that disXlaas Kurated Klothes, accessories, memorabilia and artwork relating to the fashion house that date from its foundation in 1921 to the present. Organised around themes, rather than chronologically, and supported by video content, the galleries also incorporate contemporary artwork painted on the walls, commissioned from artists who have collaborated with the house, such as Trevor Andrew (AKA GucciGhost), Jayde Fish and Coco Capitán. Thus, the displays are designed to be not so much a reverential historical journey through an archive but an entertaining insight into the eclectic mind and method of Gucci Creative Director Alessandro Michele, whose approach is to blend past and present, from the Medicis to the Sex Pistols. Michele explains the name ‘Gucci Garden’ has a metaphorical meaning – although he has incorporated many motifs from nature into his collections, which routinela feature inseKts, Æo_ers and tiOers. »

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of the fashion house’s world. The boutique i s u n i q u e i n t h a t i t carries stock that is almost

One Barangaroo, a collection of luxury residences and six-star hotel, is part of an exciting new destination along Sydney’s iconic harbour. Ten years ago a development like this would have been nearly impossible. That’s mainly because of the technology – it’s quite advanced. We’ve got a lot of double curvature surfaces, which you couldn’t have done in the past. The concept relates to a sculpture I’d worked on with three petals that twist as they rise up into the air. The idea was to create an inhabited

entirely only available here, including a number of one- of-a-kind pieces. Items have a Gucci Garden label and KoUe in sXeKial XaKSaOinO, and shoX ÅttinOs are restored painted antiques.

artwork. The residences are very international. They take advantage of the site location and the fantastic panoramic views – they’re also quite advanced in the way they’re designed. There’s been a lot of talk about Barangaroo, and it’s a very interesting concept because before it was just a slab of concrete with no shape to it at all. What our clients were trying to do was to create a high spot at the end of the promenade, to make it worthwhile carrying on to the end, and seeing all these really nice cafés, bars and restaurants and then the park, so it becomes a destination. There are three Richard Rogers towers and two Renzo Piano residential buildings, so suddenly Sydney

is going to have this very strong architectural composition. Sydney is a growing economy, it’s a very successful city and that means change. It’s competing with Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur and Singapore, so you’ve got to allow for growth. In terms of global design, the one thing I’m seeing is a move for more high-rises in the centre to take the pressure away from the outsSirts.

SET in STONE Cartier showcases its most exquisite pieces in a new exhibition at the 6ItionIT /ITTera of )]strITiI

As Australia’s foremost cultural institution, Canberra’s National Gallery of Australia is no stranger to showcasing celebrated artwork, both homegrown and from overseas. But this aear _ill see _orS of an entirela di ٺ erent and dabblinO nature go on display in +Irtier"

+Irtier ReweTTera on LispTIa It the 6ItionIT /ITTera of )]strITiI

Cartier London Halo tiara (1934)

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