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In a year of headline-grabbing events and exhibitions commemorating the institution’s milestone 250th anniversary – culminating in the unveiling of a brand new campus in May – London’s prestigious Royal Academy will shine a spotlight on Italian architect Renzo Piano this autumn. The solo sho_ · the Årst in the *ritish KaXital for three deKades · KeleJrates the architect’s stellar 50 year career and, by extension, the indelible impression his work has had on modern architecture. 8iano is reno_ned for his KollaJorati^e aXXroaKh and deliKate, reÅned eae for desiOn. 0is XroliÅK Xortfolio sXanninO the Xast Å^e deKades inKludes various worldwide projects, from the Richard Rogers co-designed Centre Pompidou in Paris to the ground-breaking Shard skyscraper in London and a glossy new Miami Beach residential tower, due for completion this year. The Royal Academy’s comprehensive retrospective will feature rarely- seen architectural drawings and models that trace Piano’s impressive career traReKtora and Oi^e insiOht into _hat UaSes hiU suKh an iUXortant ÅOure in the industry. Piano’s is a well-earned reputation. When he scooped the Pritzker Prize in 1998, an award often considered the Nobel Prize of architecture, the jury compared him to Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo and Brunelleschi, highlighting his ‘intellectual curiosity and problem-solving techniques as broad and far-ranging as those earlier masters of his native land’. 15 September 2018 – 20 January 2019;

‘We only have one planet,’ says Pharrell Williams to a hushed group of 100 journalists gathered over an intimate dinner in Shanghai. ‘This is the one home we have, and we’re not doing what we should be doing as a species that appreciates its one and only home.’ The multi-award-winning musician and reKord and ÅlU XroduKer reKentla lent his suXXort (and voice) to a ground-breaking new project masterminded by French Cognac house Louis XIII. In possibly the coolest, and certainly the most ambitious, climate change call to action ever conceived, Williams agreed to write and record a song that would be committed to a one-of-a-kind vinyl disc fashioned from clay from the Cognac region – only for it to be locked away in a safe for the next century. It’s all part of a series of philanthropic projects devised by Louis XIII to encourage people to think ‘100 years ahead’. While future generations should be privy to the song – suitably titled 100 Years , AKA ‘the song we’ll only hear if we care’ THINKING Ahead Pharrell Williams has teamed up with cognac brand Louis XIII to send a unique message about climate change

Renzo Piano

Specialist travel company Pelorus has introduced a true once-in-a-lifetime alpine experience for those who want to take their annual skiing holiday to the next level. Night skiing in British Columbia is a thrilling and ultrae`Klusi^e e`XerienKe that o ٺ ers participants a whole newperspective of their favourite outdoor pursuit – not to mention

and deep soaker tubs in every suite are par for the Kourse.

Pharrell Williams with the clay disc containing his song ‘100 years’

conservation is to take immediate action on climate change. ‘I agreed to do this because I thought that it was super admirable that

– the caveat being that the safe is vulnerable to water, and the clay disc will disintegrate if it gets wet. In short, the only way to guarantee its

Louis XIII and Remy Martin were interested in the preservation of this planet,’ Williams explains. ‘The idea that I got to air out the way that I felt to the pessimists excited me because I got a chance to properly channel it.’ Those select few people who were played the song in Shanghai are the only people in the world who can comment on the record and attest to its caustic nature, with Williams admitting to it being a ‘super sarcastic’ shout-out to climate change deniers and ‘pseudoscientists that don’t care about the environment.’ But in spite of his ‘fighting fire with fire’ spirit, Williams is full of praise for the next generation, and quietly optimistic about the safekeeping of his record, which will remain buried in the Louis XIII cellars in Cognac until 2117. Providing, of course, that rising sea le^els don¼t Oet to it Årst. »C

the opportunity to feel like James Bond for a fewhours. Pe l o r u s, a l u x u r y experiential travel and adventure company set up by two former British Army officers, works closely with scientists,

OWN the NIGHT Take to the slopes like ne^er Jefore" Ifter LIrS

conservationists and expedition leaders to create true bucket list experiences covering some of the world’s last remaining hidden gems. Night skiing in British Columbia is such an adventure and Pelorus is the onla KoUXana of its Sind to o ٺ er it.

skiing. Equipped with a state-of-the-art LED ski suit, you and your group will be led do_n Æoodlit sloXes Ja an e`XerienKed Ouide as _ell as a Xrofessional ÅlU and photography crew to capture all the action. It will certainly make for the kind of holiday snaps friends and family will actually want to see. From $17,500 (approx £12,447) per person;

Ao]r niOht sSiinO IL^ent]re wiTT Je fiTmeL Ja I professionIT KImerI Krew

Williams and Louis XIII are driving action against climate change



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