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as the occasional touch of colour in the form of a statement furnishing or striSinO liOhtinO features.

2ust a KoUfortaJle stroll froU the to_n are Å^e XuJliK JeaKhes · inKludinO the _orldreno_ned 8aloUa JeaKh · o ٺ erinO the e`Kellent sXot for sunJathinO or a Oentle s_iU. .or those looSinO for a Uore aKti^e XastiUe, one of the Uana _alSinO trails alonO the CaX¼s Koastline are liSela to Åt the Jill. CaX Ferrat also homes numerous museums that present a glimpse into the area’s riKh Kulture and uniYue histora, inKludinO >illa -Xhrussi de :othsKhild# the

XroXerta# it has a KineUa, sXa and e`tensi^e CKarE OaraOe, to naUe a fe_ of the aUenities on o ٺ er. *ut it¼s Uore than that.

ultiUate destination for interior and hortiKultural insXiration. 8ositioned at the eastern end of the .renKh :i^iera, ;aint2eanCaX.errat o ٺ ers s_eeXinO XanoraUiK ^ie_s of KoJalt _aters sXarSlinO aOainst sno_KaXXed Uountains · and, KonsiderinO the area¼s e`Klusi^e feel, it is surXrisinOla aKKessiJle. CaX .errat is Rust a short distanKe froU 5onte Carlo and 6iKe and _ithin t_o hours¼ ÆiOht tiUe of -uroXe¼s UaRor KaXital Kities.

“The GARDENS and SPECTACULAR views of the MARINA and BEYOND can be ENJOYED regardless of the SEASON ” +44 20 7861 1553

^ie_s froU e^era rooU. 6atural and artiÅKial liOhtinO sSilfulla KoUJine to illuminate contemporary open spaces with generous ceiling heights, XerfeKt for Joth faUila li^inO and Orand entertaininO. Clean, Uodern interiors are implemented throughout, with a neutral colour scheme that inKludes Carrera UarJle, Jurnished KoXXer and _alnut ÆoorinO, as _ell

Left to right clockwise: The Grevillia Estate, Casa Grevillia, Living room, Dining room



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