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CONTENTS 18 ) new JreeL of ^ehiKTe is reLefininO the KTIssiK KIr mIrSet

06 The new exhibition space in Florence is a celebration of 1tITiIn KrIftsmInship oneo ]/ ٺ KKi pieKes InL I Ro]rnea thro]Oh the JrInL¼s IrKhi^e

26 7peneL TIst aeIr the new 5]sue A^es ;Iint 4I]rent 5IrrISesh is I fittinO home for the worS of this e`trIorLinIriTa LesiOner who To^eL the Kita so m]Kh thIt he Khose to Ti^e there

20 )s the most e`KT]si^e pri^Ite isTInL in the worTL KeTeJrItes its th aeIr ]nLer 5]stiY]e +ompIna mInIOement we reÆeKt on its T]`]ra InL ^era seKret IppeIT

Theworld’s finest yachts are going faster than ever this year.

10 0ow VersIKe is tISinO eTements of its OoTLen pIst InL mo^inO forwIrL with KhIrIKteristiK LeterminItion

34 )rt KoTTeKtor +hristiIn 4e^ett re^eITs his fI^o]rite IrtworS InL whIt¼s hInOinO on the wITTs in his e`Y]isite +hITet -LeTweiss +o]rKhe^eT


Demand is high, supply is limited, the finest private yachts for charter are more exclusive than ever. Contact Edmiston for ideas and availability this summer in the Mediterranean and exotic locations worldwide.

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15 1nternItionIT View tITSs to 6iKoTI )rKeLeKSne*]tTer one of the worTL¼s most SnowTeLOeIJTe wine e`perts



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