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in 8aris · _as a JiO fan of ;aint 4aurent and, in XartiKular, of 4e ;UoSinO. »?hen 1 Årst sa_ an A^es ;aint 4aurent sUoSinO suit 1 realla thouOht it _as the se`iest thinO 1 had e^er seen,¼ he saas. A lifelonO adUirer of the .renKh desiOner, ;Uith is todaa _ellSno_n for UaSinO tailored suits for _oUen as _ell as for Uen. »?hen aou hold Cthe A;4 4e ;UoSinO RaKSetE it feels inKrediJle# it has suKh _eiOht.

red JriKSs that is laKeliSe and UaSes Xatterns that reKall the _arX and _eft of faJriK.

7pposite pIOe from top" the e`hiJition inKT]Les LrIwinOs InL photos KhIrtinO A;4¼s histora# the J]iTLinO wIs LesiOneL Ja IrKhiteKts ;t]Lio 37



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