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Y ^es ;aint 4aurent Årst tra^elled to5arraSesh in ! _ith his Jusiness Xartner 8ierre *erOu. 0e _as instantla taSen _ith the XlaKe and e^en JouOht a house there. .or the reUainder of the .renKh desiOner¼s life, he _ould ha^e a stronO KonneKtion _ith the Kita. 6otaJla, on  ,eKeUJer and  2une of eaKh aear, ;aint 4aurent _ould tra^el to5arraSesh for a fortniOht to desiOn his haute Kouture KolleKtions. »1n 5oroKKo, 1 realised that the ranOe of Kolours 1 use _as that of the belliOes, bouaKs, dRellaJas and Kaftans,¼ said ;aint 4aurent. »


“The BOLDNESS seen since then in my WORK , I owe to this COUNTRY, to its forceful HARMONIES , to its AUDACIOUS combinations, to the FERVOUR of its CREATIVITY .”

4e 5arais, the 8arisian distriKt 6e_ton had Jeen li^inO in for aears · Oi^es the XiKture an alUost doKuUentara feel.

Opened last year, the newMusée Yves Saint LaurentMarrakesh is a fitting home for the work of this extraordinary designer who loved the city somuch that he chose to live there

7pposite" A^es ;Iint 4I]rent first ^isiteL Marrakesh in 1966. This page from top:

By Peter Howarth



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