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Anewbreed of vehicle is redefining the classic car market. Take a peek under the bonnet to find out more

By AndrewShirley

A s editor of the Knight Frank Luxury Investment Index (KFLII), which tracks among other things the value of classic cars, I’m occasionally asked what is the optimum age of car to purchase. There are two answers: one very simple, one slightly more KoUXliKated.

7f Kourse a Kar that _as XroduKed in ^era sUall nuUJers in the Årst XlaKe _ill see its ^alue aXXreKiate UuKh Uore YuiKSla. 18 KustoUer · sXeKial editions are seeing their values rise from the get go. A trio of Kars launKhed in  · the 8orsKhe ! , 5K4aren 8 and 4a .errari · SiKSstarted the ¹instant KlassiKº XhenoUenon _ith XriKes for eaKh Uodel douJlinO _ithin Rust  Uonths. 5ore reKent launKhes suKh as the 4a.errari AXerta, *uOatti Chiron and 8orsKhe !: looS set to follo_ the saUe Rournea. An AXerta sold for a sibblinO U at a charity auction last year.

)nLrew To^es tITSinO IJo]t T]`]ra in^estments InL in pIrtiK]TIr KTIssiK KIrs

Image courtesy of McLaren Automotive Ltd McLaren P1™ 5th Anniversary



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