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W elcome to the 2018 edition of International View , our annual publication presenting a selection of the finest prime properta for sale in the world’s key markets. At Knight Frank , providing trusted advice to clients in these fast-changing times is at the centre of all we do. Our advice is reinforced by the pillars of our mIrSetTeILinO research , innovative technology and unparalleled personal service. In order to meet changing demands and provide our clients with the best possible real estate guidance, we are continually e`pInLinO o]r ser^iKe o ٺ erinO and our network coverage of both established and emerging markets. This year, we celebrate our first Inni^ersIra _ith ;antos KniOht .ranS in 5anila, ha^e siOniÅKantla e`Xanded our CONNECTING PEOPLE & PROPERTY, PERFECTLY

teams in the fIstOrowinO mIrSets of China and Australia , and have e`pInLeL our network in key areas of -]rope . This includes ne_ o ٻ Kes in the South of France , Berlin and Frankfurt markets, which, our research shows, are set to see dynamic change over the coming year. Released last month, our key global research publication »

e`tensi^e o ٺ erinOs froU suKh hotspots as New York and Berlin , as well as Australia and England . ?hen KoUXilinO this wonLerf]T p]JTiKItion , our talented in-house production team asked me to select my destination and properta of choice – an almost impossiJTe tIsS ! After persistent prompting and extensive browsing of the JeI]tif]T homes in International View , 1 Ånalla settled on Australia ; to be more XreKise, the ne_ XroReKt on ;aLnea 0IrJo]r 7ne *IrInOIroo (page 98) or, for a completed home, 7ne 5IKY]Irie ;t (page 96). I believe the )]strITiIn mIrSet is one with h]Oe potentiIT and, of course, a wonderful quality of life. That only leaves me to thInS ao] for your support, welcome the opport]nita to pro^iLe you with advice wherever you seek it around the world , and to ask: which properta wiTT ao] Khoose°'

Lord Andrew Hay Global Head of Residential


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