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decades after she was forced to become the head of the house, she seeUs Ånalla reada to faKe the Xast. »1 aU sho_inO my new collection here not because I am nostalgic; I am not nostalOiK · 1 liSe to looS at the future, not the Xast · Jut JeKause this JuildinO has UeUories.

Oood tiUes, so Uana ÅOhts, so Uana disaOreeUents, and so UuKh fun as _ell. *einO here feels liSe KoUinO JaKS hoUe.¼ This, it turns out, is all part of an important process for the desiOner, _hose Jrother _as infaUousla Silled t_o deKades aOo on the steXs of his Uansion in5iaUi.

she says. ‘I go online and listen to what the millennials want. This is not because of my age, or any sense of wanting to ¹staa in touKhº, Jut JeKause this is where the power lies. They are the ones who decide what is going to happen. The KonsuUer is Sea.¼ ersaKe when it was new – our original Xrints ha^e JeKoUe iKoniK for theU" the *aroKKo Xattern, the leopard-print Wild Baroque, the >oOue Xrint, the 8oX Art print, the Trésor de la Mer seasKaXe Xrint. ;o, for the Årst time in my life I went to the arKhi^e# 1 tooS  oriOinal prints and then we put the collection together; and we

them in a new way. ‘But this is really a celebration of what Versace is all about.’ The result is a collection for men and women called The Tribute Collection. There are printed shirts, T-shirts, dresses, sSirts, Reans, JratoXs and shoulder JaOs, as _ell as shoes, bags and denim pieces adorned with the house Oold 5edusa saUJol. ersaKe e`Xlains ho_ she has _orSed _ith star XhotoOraXher ;te^en 5eisel to KaXture the looS of this collection on a group of models who draw a line fromGianni to the present. Naomi Campbell and Christy Turlington appear, representing the era of the supermodels; Gisele *†ndKhen and 6atalia >odiano^a JrinO us uX to date, while Cindy Crawford’s daughter Kaia Gerber represents the future. 0er Uother _as, of Kourse, one of the four oriOinal ¹suXersº, alonO _ith CaUXJell, ersaKe Kat_alS in !!. ersaKe. ?hat aou will see on the runway today is what people will always recognise as Versace.’

company. It was not, she KonÅdes, a role she _anted. As Gianni’s muse and helper, she’d had a happy tiUe ser^inO _hat she Kould not Sno_ _ould turn out to be a rather charmed apprenticeship, designing her own line, Versus, and being instrumental in art-directing the famous ad campaigns shot by photographers including :iKhard A^edon. ;he a l s o c e m e n t e d t h e house’s relationship

“I am SHOWING my new COLLECTION here not because I am NOSTALGIC ; I am NOT nostalgic – I like to look at the FUTURE , not the PAST ”

_ith roKS »n¼ roll, JefriendinO artists suKh as -lton 2ohn and 8rinKe, as _ell as the hiXhoX KoUUunita and 0olla_ood stars, in^itinO theU to Roin the >ersaKe Kreati^e ¹faUilaº. But after Gianni’s death, by her own admission, Versace struggled with her grief and the pressure of holding the business together. But she has succeeded, and now, two

This page top: Supermodels Carla Bruni, +TI]LiI ;Khi ٺ er 6Iomi +ImpJeTT

Cindy Crawford and Helena Christensen on the Versace catwalk, 2017; Bella Hadid modelling SS18 Versace Opposite page: Donatella with Gianni, 1984; Kaia Gerber in the 2017 Versace campaign

thinS _e nailed it ¼ ;he Xlaaed around _ith the prints, refreshing some of the patterns and interpreting



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