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There’s a human element in the world of property that is too easily overlooked. At Knight Frank, we build long-term relationships that allow us to provide personalised, clear and considered advice on all areas of property in all key markets. We believe personal interaction is a crucial part of ensuring that every client is matched to the property that best suits their needs – be it commercial or residential. We provide a worldwide service that’s locally expert and globally connected. We believe inspired teams naturally provide excellent and dedicated client service. Therefore, we’ve created a workplace where opinions are respected, where everyone is invited to contribute to the success of our business and where they’re rewarded for excellence. And the result? Our people are more motivated, ensuring that your experience with us is the very best it can be.

INTELLIGENCE KniOht .ranS¼s dediKated :esearKh teaU Xro^ides detailed and indeXth analasis of UarSet trends and XriKes aKross a wide range of property sectors. Our analysts are respected throughout the industry and regularly quoted in the national and international press. As well as in-house research, we can produce bespoke reports for private clients, institutions, funds and developers.

WORLDWIDE OFFICES Knight Frank knows the world. With over 120 years’ experience, we provide our clients with OloJal Ko^eraOe ^ia  o ٻ Kes and Uore than 15,000 property professionals throughout Europe, Asia8aKiÅK, AfriKa, the 5iddle -ast and the AUeriKas, foKusinO on all the XriUe residential and KoUUerKial XroXerta UarSets of the _orld. .or a full listinO of our international o ٻ Kes, ^isit SniOhtfranS.KoU. PRIVATE OFFICE Global. Connected. Discreet. Knight Frank’s Private 7 ٻ Ke is a fullainteOrated residential and KoUUerKial real estate ad^isora teaU, foKused on e`eKution and deli^era for hiOhnet_orth Klients, faUila o ٻ Kes and _ealth ad^isors. *ased in 4ondon and run Ja

LONDON PROPERTY SALES Our London network of over 30 strategically XlaKed offiKes ensures that _e offer KoUXrehensi^e Ko^eraOe of the KaXital¼s foreUost XroXerta hotspots. The network is constantly evolving in tandeU _ith the onOoinO Oro_th and de^eloXUent of 4ondon, and aOents froU eaKh offiKe _orS toOether to ensure Klients Jenefit froU a RoineduX aXXroaKh, no Uatter _here in 4ondon they’re buying or selling. NOEL FLINT on +44 20 7861 5020 INTERNATIONAL SALES

RENTING, LETTING AND MANAGING RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY 7ur trusted aOents Xro^ide a KoUXrehensi^e residential lettinOs and UanaOeUent ser^iKe in soUe of the Uost desiraJle loKations aKross the =nited KinOdoU. .roU studio Æats to Kountra estates, _e o ٺ er the Jest ad^iKe and ha^e the e`Xertise to Ouide Juaers seaUlessla through the entire process. Our services include rental XroXerta searKh and tenanKa arranOeUent , strateOiK in^estUent KonsultanKa, lettinOs and UanaOeUent, valuations, global corporate relocation and a UK tax KoUXlianKe ser^iKe.


Our highly qualified and experienced valuers work Klosela _ith our aOenKa and researKh teaUs to offer professional valuations – whether for lending, legal reYuireUents, ta`ation or Xri^ate XurXoses · on property across the UK and Europe. A full range of consultancy services is also provided across the KoUXlete XroXerta sXeKtruU. London: JAMES THOMPSON on +44 20 7861 1075 Country: TOM BARROW on +44 1285 886684 COMMERCIAL AND RESIDENTIAL CAPITAL MARKETS ?ith Uore than  in^estUent ad^isors aKross  Kountries, our /loJal CaXital 5arSets /rouX assists _ith Klients¼ XroXerta reYuireUents around the _orld. ?hether Klients are institutional, Xri^ate eYuita, faUila o ٻ Kes, so^ereiOn _ealth or real estate KoUXanies, we’re here to advise on the acquisition or disposal of in^estUent XroXerta aKross the o ٻ Ke, residential, retail, industrial, leisure and hotel sectors, as well as the specialist areas of student property and healthcare. .urtherUore, our ne_la estaJlished .aUila 7 ٻ Ke .oruU Ueans that our faUila o ٻ Ke Klients Kan enRoa a trula >18 ser^iKe. ?e¼re reada to Ouide aou on all aour in^estUent XroXerta Xortfolio reYuireUents no Uatter _here in the world they are.


A UarSet leadinO ad^iser on UortOaOes and insuranKe. ?ith aears of e`XerienKe in XroXerta ÅnanKinO to dra_ on we have access to a unique and extensive network of high street lenders, UaRor ÅnanKial institutions and Xri^ate JanSs so that you can be assured that you’re getting the very best deal available. SIMON GAMMON on +44 20 7268 258 ACQUISITION The Buying Solution is the independent buying consultancy of Knight Frank, providing a personal and confidential property search and acquisition service in London and across the country. Our clients benefit froU the e`Xertise of our e`XerienKed, Xrofessional JuainO aOents, _ho introduKe theU to XroXerties that are for sale both by estate agents and private indi^iduals, often Jefore thea KoUe on to the oXen UarSet. London: PHILIP EASTWOOD on +44 20 7591 2641 Country: JONATHAN BRAMWELL and MARK LAWSON on +44 1488 657912


7ur dediKated teaU has Uore than  KoUJined years of experience and an unrivalled knowledge of the national Kountra house, farU and estate UarSets. Co^erinO the =K, 1reland and Channel Islands, we work closely with our national office network to ensure we help buyers find their ideal hoUe in the Kountra.

EDWARD ROOK on +44 20 7861 5115 CUSTOMER CARE

7ur dediKated CustoUer Care teaU linSs o^erseas Juaers of ne_ Juild aXartUents _ith KniOht .ranS¼s award-winning residential services, including; .inanKe, .urnishinO, 4ettinOs  5anaOeUent. CoUXrehensi^e and JesXoSe to eaKh Juaer, the e`XerienKed CustoUer Care teaU _ill Ouide Juaers throuOh the XurKhase XroKess froU oriOinalKoUUitUent, to XraKtiKal KoUXletion.

DEBORAH WATT on 44 207 861 1678 JAMES MANNIX on +44 207 861 5412

SEB WARNER on +44 20 7861 5426

RUPERT DAWES on +44 20 7861 5445

FREDDIE HILLS on +44 20 7861 1732



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