Mona Farm Brochure


Mona Farm is set on a majestic estate of 124 acres of usable, prime land with alkaline soils, and permanent water. It has a licenced bore, well, lake and town water. Over 8 acres of established gardens have been lovingly planned with fully automated irrigation system. Thomas Braidwood Wilson planted a quadrangle of Elms in the early 1840’s and the oak trees are over 100 years old. On the hottest of summer days it is beautifully cool and shady at Mona Farm. For recreation, there is a tennis court, a competition sized croquet lawn and numerous walkways sheltered by tall trees to provide shelter and viewing points for reflection. A gracious entry from the main gates off the Kings Highway, brings you through the property and over a Roman styled Palladian stone bridge. The fabulous lake is abundant with wildlife including a family of approximately 6 platypus, bass and golden perch, egrets, and blue cranes. There is also a farm and residence entrance for deliveries and ease of access from Little River Road. Over 5000 trees have been planted along laneways on the property and are around 10 years old and include ornamental pears and around 250 hybrid French truffle oaks.

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