LVMH Annual Report

LVMH 2018 . S e l e c t i v e R e t a i l i n g

of its ongoing quest to captivate and satisfy beauty fans around the world. Thanks to its dedicated staff, Sephora’s boutiques offer beauty and makeup services that are constantly being updated, based around its Beauty Hubs, as well as a plethora of experiences available throughout the store. In addition, across its entire digital ecosystem, interactive mobile app features let users extend the in-store experience and connect with its community of self-proclaimed beauty addicts. This personalized, omnichannel relationship helps provide bespoke support to each and every one of its customers as they discover the iconic brands, wide range of new products and highly innovative exclusive collections that make up the Sephora offering. Amidst an upturn in its markets, DFS saw strong revenue growth, buoyed by sales initiatives launched to win over international travelers, including high-impact marketing campaigns, in-store events and the introduction of new communication tools. It expanded its selection of products to meet the expectations of younger, more exacting


– Sephora Stands expands In 2016, Sephora launched Sephora Stands, a corporate social responsibility initiative in the United States. The initiative was expanded in 2018 to include Europe, the Middle East and Asia. In 2018, Sephora raised over €1 million to fund initiatives by nonprofit partners, such as micro-donations in France, which helped raise €400,000 for Toutes à l’École and Women Safe; the Gift & Match Program in the United States, which raised €500,000; and Operation Smile in China. Employees contributed over 3,000 hours of volunteer work to its charitable initiatives.


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