LVMH Annual Report

LVMH 2018 . W i n e s & S p i r i t s

was inaugurated in 2017. Marketing campaigns allowed it to reach target customers with even more precision, while the online portion progressed strongly. Glenmorangie and Ardbeg whiskies delivered a solid performance, fueled by ongoing innovation and value creation provided by prestigious offerings designed for connoisseurs and collectors. An ambitious expansion plan is underway for both companies’ distilleries. Belvedere vodka’s growth was also driven by innovation. Its new Single Estate Rye series received numerous awards. The brand maintained its commitment to social and environmental responsibility. Volcán De Mi Tierra tequila, launched in 2017, continued its selective rollout in its two main markets, the United States and Mexico. Woodinville Whiskey Company successfully began its commercial expansion outside Washington State. The Clos19 online platform enriched its selection of exclusive products and experiences. It continued its expansion in the United States and consolidated its position in the United Kingdom and Germany.


– Belvedere innovates to boost energy efficiency

After obtaining the ISO 50001 energy management certification, Belvedere continues efforts to optimize its energy performance, and did not hesitate to call on research and development teams to help it move forward. With the support of LVMH’s in-house carbon fund, the Maison launched a landmark project in Poland in 2018: it will use cutting-edge technology to design a cogeneration system that will generate electricity and steam from biomass. The Maison will invest €2 million to develop this system, which will be pioneering by virtue of its small size and industrial use.

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