LVMH Annual Report

LVMH 2018 . C o m m i t m e n t s i n 2 0 1 8


At LVMH, leadership drives performance. Thanks to the leadership of all our employees with vision – and the ability to instill this vision in their staff – we are able to achieve highly ambitious goals. Our decentralized organization lets us build close rela- tionships with our customers; make fast, effective decisions; and motivate our employees for the long termby encouraging them to take an entrepreneurial approach. It promotes risk-taking and perseverance, and requires pragmatismand the ability to rally staff to give their very best. We foster collective intelligence and run in-house innovation development programs so that our boldest employees can transform their innovative ideas into business plans. The DARE (Disrupt, Act, Risk – to be an Entrepreneur) program stimulates innovation by providing 12 teams of employees with a unique experience inspired by the new economy and the world of startups. Each team – with the help of mentors, senior managers from the Maisons and external entrepreneurs – works on transforming its inno- vative ideas into concrete projects. At each session, three winning projects are selected by the jury to be implemented at LVMH. Following two successful initial programs in 2017, which were held in France and focused on global innovation and sustainable development, DARE took center stage again in 2018, with amuch larger, more international scope, first in Italy inMarch 2018, with an event focusingongender diversity, then in Shanghai in June 2018, and finally in New York in October 2018, with events looking at the future of luxury. Since its launch, more than 1,500 talented participants have dared to share their innovative ideas. Of these, 36 projects have been developed further through DARE events, and around fifteen winning projects have moved from the drawing board to reality. — MARCH, JUNE, OCTOBER 2018 NEW EDITIONS OF THE DARE PROGRAM

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