LVMH Annual Report

LVMH 2018 . LV MH s t o r i e s

was divided into threeworkshops. The first focused on the notion of sustainability and was coordi- nated by Danish architect and designer Camiel Weijenberg. The secondworkshop, on the concept of inclusion, was run by computational designer and tech guru John Maeda, who is also the artist behind the 2017 VSOP limited edition. The third workshop headed by Renaud Fillioux de Gironde, Hennessy’s Master Blender, and Ian Rogers, Chief Digital Officer of LVMH, explored how artificial intelligence and craftsmanship can interact. The forum, whose findings were reported in USmaga- zine Wired, also created a new community of influencers and opinion leaders.

Spurred by this success, Hennessy will repeat the experience and turn The Future of Mastery into a full-fledged think tank that explores the notions of expertise and how to pass it on to others.

Hennessy brought 19 international specialists together in Cognac to prepare the future by focusing on expertise and how it is passed on.

L O EW E An homage to Mack intosh S ince its founding in 1846, Loewe has firmly established itself as a leading luxury brand, renowned for its unparalleled expertise in leather craftsmanship. The avant-garde Maison has always looked to the future, infusing its collec- tions with influences from around the globe while revisiting its Spanish heritage through a contem- porary lens. Loewe has a special fondness for original, art- inspired capsule collections, and in winter 2018 the Maison launched one exploring the universe of the Scottish designer and architect Charles Rennie Mackintosh. Mackintosh led the art nouveau (or “Modern Style”) movement in the United Kingdom at the turnof the 20th century, incorporatingablend of influences from Celtic and Japanese culture as well as the Arts and Crafts movement into his work. He joined an architecture firm in 1889 and earned acclaim for developing a unique design language that incorporated distinctive shapes and materials from traditional Scottish architecture. Renowned for his originality and versatility, the father of Scottishmodernismapplied his talent and skill to fields as varied as architecture, painting, furniture, textiles and interior design.

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