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LVMH 2018 . LV MH s t o r i e s

can discover 45 exclusive brands. In Shanghai, Sephora unveiled its first new concept store in Asia, featuring an enhanced Makeup Assortment, Discovery Tables and Cloud Shelves that help cus- tomers personalize their shopping. In November, Sephora opened seven new stores in the United States, built around bespoke products including Beauty TIP (Teach, Inspire, Play) Workshops and PerkHydratingFacials. Exclusively at theSoHo store, customers can enjoy Sephora’s award-winning augmented reality system to experiment with thousands of beauty options, using 3D live views of their own face. The store’s Sculpture option allows clients to try new looks with the flick of an eyebrow, while the Mirror systemmakes new looks instantly sharable. Aswell as bespoke local services, each store provides special features that have made the NewSephora Experience such a success- ful addition. This ambitious expansion drive will continue in 2019, as the world’s most loved beauty community launches new stores and services to offer fresh and inspiring experiences every day.

Each new store offers innovative services designed to ensure a unique customer experience.

110 of these are currently available in Guerlain Parfumeur boutiques, which immerse customers from Paris to Shanghai in the Maison’s unique heritage and craftsmanship. In the age of social media, where the image reigns supreme, as powerful as it is fleeting, how can the emotion sparked by a perfume be conveyed? Howcan the invisiblebe unconcealed? For Guerlain, the answer was clear: voices and podcasts are the best way to express and share something as immaterial as a scent or a feeling. Through an app and a website, Olfaplay allows perfume lovers to listen to, share and record audio stories about perfume and the emotions it evokes.

G U E R L A I N A f ragrance commun ity that loves to l i s ten P erfume is much more than a few drops of sweet-smelling essence. It can move us to the core. It has the exceptional power to transport us, to bring back loved ones, moments and places that are buried deep in our memories. Ever since 1828, Guerlain has enchanted the world with its scents. It has created 1,100 fragrances and

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